Saturday, April 9, 2016


Recently my 9 yr old daughter decided to get her ears pierced. She was terrified but she wanted it so bad. She went through with it and when I complimented her courage she said "I wasn't brave. I was scared." I told her that bravery and courage weren't about never feeling scared-it was doing what you needed to do even though you were afraid. 
Belly dancing is scary for a lot of us when we first start. Performing is scary for me every single time and I know many of my fellow dancers feel the same way. A couple months ago I finally came out to my family as bisexual and I'm allowing myself to fall in love again. Scary shit! Each of us is going through something that feels scary. Let's make sure we're supporting one another in the best way we can-allowing everyone to be their most authentic selves. Let's carry that belly dance sisterhood out into the world and share our courage with everyone! Like a bunch of shimmying superheroes!